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Books & Freckles

Knowing is Half the Batter (1/1)

Books & Freckles

Books and Freckles

Knowing is Half the Batter (1/1)

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Mrs. Smith
Title: Knowing is Half the Batter
Author: romanticalgirl/Laura Smith
Disclaimer: Not mine. I just like to play with them.
Rating: PG
Pairing: Ron/Hermione
Summary: Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice
A/N: For arianamama who requested Ron, Hermione and baking.

Ginny had once explained how the Weasley children thought – the twins thought in exclamation points, Percy thought in periods, Bill thought in commas, Charlie thought in ellipses and Ginny thought in perfect grammatical style. Ron, she had explained, didn’t think at all. He’d believed her at the time, though he’d pretended to take great offense. Now though, he’s disinclined to believe her as he’s thinking very clearly. The problem is, of course, that he’s thinking about Hermione and he’s thinking in very precise capital letters.

For example, right now he’s thinking that this is a Very Bad Idea. He often occasionally wonders if her Skirt has always been So Very Short. He also knows that if he complains, he’s likely be reminded in her Very Bossy Tone that they’re doing this For Harry, which means he has no right to complain.

Not that he’d really complain because, along with her skirts, Hermione’s shorts have gotten Indecently Short, and she’s wearing a pair now that he thinks used to be one of the pairs of her jeans that was Far Too Tight, because they’re snug and frayed and for really nicely around her bottom, that he is Not Noticing. He’s also not complaining because she’s wearing a t-shirt that he thinks was once his, but he’s now outgrown it completely and it just hangs on her, which he’d normally be annoyed with as her breasts have gotten to be Quite Nice Actually, but he’s really pleased because the apron she’s borrowed from his mum is cinched around her waist and the neck straps actually frame her breasts that, were he accused, he would swear he was Not Looking At, Are You Daft.

“Then, Ron, you add in the flour. Slowly.” She swipes the back of one of her hands across her cheek, leaving a streak of white powder. Ron is unsure what powder it is, as they’re using a batch of ingredients Hermione has brought from home. Not that he’d have known what they are any more than if they’d raided his own mum’s cupboards, but even if they are the same, they seem More Foreign because they’re Muggle.


She sighs as a lock of her unruly hair falls out of the clip she’d used to hastily pull it back nearly an hour ago when she’d started on this Unadvisable Endeavor. He knows Fred and George are in the other room, no doubt Extendable Ears in and eavesdropping. He also knows that, were they brave enough to venture into the kitchen, he’d be reduced to listening to them rib him unmercifully.

“Ron,” she sets the bowl very carefully on the counter then places her hands on her Rather Nicely Slim Hips, her left foot tapping on the floor. “I’m not asking you to do much. But you agreed that Harry would appreciate the cake more if we made it. Not just me, not just you. Us. Together.”

Ron ignores the Increasingly Embarrassing, Uncomfortable and Inappropriately Timed Reaction that accompanies Hermione’s explanation. “I know that. Us. Together.” His body responds again and he clears his throat, very carefully staring into her eyes and not letting his gaze drop to her Holy Christ, When Did Hermione Grow Breasts lest her gaze drift downward and she start wondering when he became unable to walk around his own mum’s kitchen without a hard-on. “I was just wondering if I should go out to the garden, and if there was a certain type of flower that you needed.”

Hermione smiles. “Oh, Ron. This isn’t Potions.” She points to a white bag with a bright orange label. “That’s flour. I need two and a half cups.” She gestures toward the measuring cups she’d explained nearly an hour ago. “I’ll keep stirring and you add it all slowly, all right?”

He nods, carefully measuring the newest white powder the way she’d shown him earlier. She’d had to explain it three times, as he’d had trouble retaining the information since she was standing Inappropriately Close to him. He watches her stir for a moment before slowly pouring the powder in, showing more caution that he ever has, except that one time in potions when he’d had to add firedrake blood to the bubbling toad excrement. “You’re sure this is going to be edible?”

“Yes.” She laughs softly, without a trace of the bossiness she displays in Potions. “And Harry’s going to love it.” She leans forward and rests a hand on Ron’s chest. He stares down at her with wide eyes as she stands on tiptoe and presses a quick kiss to his cheek.

“Er.” He blinks rapidly as she sinks back down and turned her attention to the thickening batter. “You’d probably best not tell him I helped until after he’s had a bite though, hmmm?”

“Oh, Ron. Harry knows you’re good in potions when you don’t have Snape lurking over you.” She wipes her hand across her cheek again, leaving another streak. “But you might be right.”

He sets the cup filled with flour down and reaches out, wiping the white from her cheek with his thumb. Her mouth opens as if to speak, but no words come out as he bends his head as if it is the Most Natural Thing in the World and kisses her.

When they break apart, Ron smiles down at her, noting that she has a white mark on her nose as well. He leaves it there, picking up his cup of flour and pouring it, slowly again, into the bowl. When she simply stands there, he reaches over and takes her hand, wrapping it carefully around the spoon. “Hermione? Stir.”

“Right.” She starts the process, her eyes not leaving his. “I really think Harry’s going to like his cake, don’t you?”

Ron nods and keeps pouring, rather pleased as he realizes this probably now officially made Hermione His Girlfriend. “I think he’s going to love it.”
  • I love it, too!

    What a lovely Ron.
  • I love your Ron and the whole idea of how Weasley children think. Ron is characterized so well - I just really love this fic!
    • Thank you so much! I may have to expand on the thought process thing. Ron was just there in my head and he was having far Too Much Fun talking. I'm glad it came out so well!
  • *squee* cute!!
  • This little story is so cute! Great job!

    But, I have to say, the thing that caught my eye was the title. I hope you made that reference on purpose (if not, I'll feel very silly for immediately associating with an old cartoon), and I wonder how many around this fandom will get it.

    Well done, GI Joe.
    • Well, it wasn't a *deliberate* association - it was more something I came up with while dealing with batter, but the pun was too much to resist.

      Glad you enjoyed it!
  • This was so cute. I love how Ron thought in Capital letters, that was such a neat idea.

  • *fwee*

    Ron's Capitalisations were Lovely, Really.

    I love Ron like this, he kills me. And you are my NEW BEST FRIEND for writing this. Or something. Yeah.
    • I'm so glad you Liked It. It was a lot of fun to write. I was baking and Ron just sort of started Talking in My Brain, so I had to get it down. I'm thrilled it's been so well received.

      Thanks again!
  • oh your ron is just too cute. such a funny, sweet story. and GUH punctuation play -- one of my geekily favourite things to find in fic, although i think percy would think in dashes, with bill in periods. but ah! absolutely lovely story. mmmm. like cake.
    • I chose Percy to have periods because he seems so straightforward and by the book. Bill and Charlie seem a bit more free spirited, thus making for the pauses in their lives.

      I'm glad you enjoyed the fic though! Ron was too much fun to write.
  • Awww.

    This was so cute and adorable and not really fluff but just cute in that perfect way these two can be cute together. And Ron was awkward, which too was cute and it seemed very in-character, them baking Harry a cake and the "Us. Together".

    This just made me smile today. Thank you for writing it.
    • Always glad to make someone smile. I normally make Ron a little more secure - as it makes him easier for me to write, but he just came along very naturally in my head. Maybe because it was just the two of them, he felt a little more at ease. Regardless, I'm thrilled you enjoyed the fic!
  • Sweet :) I love the idea of all the Weasleys talking differently! Aah, you made my morning quite a bit better *sips coffee and reads fluff*
    • Happy to make a morning enjoyable. I can see Ginny spending quite a bit of time analyzing her brothers and the way they are. Glad you enjoyed the fic!
  • aww! Ron's Capital Letters! *loves him*
  • Beautiful piece. Loved it. Loved the capitalization, too :D
  • This is quite possibly the cutest thing I've read in aaaages.

    You had me with the first sentence! /grammar nerd

    It is always lovely to read fic that doesn't follow the status quo of style - your very writing was able to evoke Ron in a way that description couldn't. Beautiful. Funny. Clever!

    • Thanks so much! Ron was too much fun to write in this, and he was quite chatty in my head, steering the fic right where he wanted it to go.

      Thanks again!
  • Found this story via xylodemon, and I thought it was So Cute. Your Ron is pretty Spot On, and the whole thing was Absolutely Adorable. :)
    • Thanks So Much. Ron was Too Much Fun to write and the whole story just sort of got taken over by him in my head. I'm glad the results ended up so fun.
  • I found this through hogwarts_today and I have to say I love your style. I absolutely loved the explanation about how the Weasley children thought. And your characterization of Ron was Just Perfect. :) Great job!
    • Thank you so much! Ron was fun to write in this one, and he sort of just took over my brain. I'm really glad it turned out so well and that you enjoyed it!
  • (no subject) - kyuuketsukirui
    • Thanks so much! Ron was Too Much Fun to write, and the story was just a blast. Sometimes you just need a little light-hearted romance.

      Thanks again!
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