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The Ultimate Fred and Hermione Fic Listing

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The Ultimate Fred and Hermione Fic Listing

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I hope this is appropriate.

As I mourned the death of Fred and cursed JKR and wished that it had been George who got killed instead of his twin someone asked me why I liked Fred more than George.  At the time, I didn't have the energy to post a decent answer.  This my friends is my answer - this is why I loved Fred more than George. 

This is the very best of the completed Fred/Hermione fics I've read.  BTW, I rated all the fics myself ignoring what the author's rated them, so if you disagree with a rating blame me.  If I've missed a really good story that isn't a WIP, let me know and I'll check it out.

 Inell's Fred/Hermione stories made this couple one of my ships:
A Dance, Post-Hogwarts, PG (Even if you never read another Fred/Hermione fic. - Read This One!)
Good Luck Kiss, Hogwarts, PG-13
Snowflakes, Post-Hogwarts, G
A Bad Decision, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13
A Dull Boy, Post-Hogwarts, PG
Good Morning, Post-Hogwarts, NC-17
Fools Rush In, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13
A Talk in the Rain, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13
Studying Can Wait, Post-Hogwarts, NC-17

Laura Smith's Amazing Fred/Hermione stories:
And I"ll Stay With Mine - Hogwarts, NC-17
Angels with Dirty Faces - Post-Hogwarts, NC-17
Daydream Believer - Hogwarts (for Hermione), NC-17
Homecoming - Post-Hogwarts, PG-13
Lucifer - Hogwarts (for Hermione), NC-17 (Dark)
Not Quite Unrequited - Hogwarts, pg-13
Red Herring - Hogwarts (for Hermione), NC-17 (14+ Chapters)
Rub - Hogwarts/Post-Hogwarts, R
That Sad Melody - Hogwarts (for Hermione), NC-17 (Angst)
Time Enough - Post-Hogwarts, NC-17 (Affair)
Written on the Bathroom Wall, Hogwarts, NC-17

Tyskn's Fred and Hermione Fics:
Distraction, Post-Hogwarts, NC-17 (voyarism)
Gallant, Hogwarts, PG-13
Her Duty, Post-Hogwarts, NC-17
Holiday Magic, Hogwarts (for Hermione), PG-13 (1, The Christmas Party, Invitations and Answers, Under the Mistletoe, Back to Reality, Wish Upon a Star, Meant to Be)
Drowing, Post-Hogwarts, NC-17
Fred/Hermione Drabble, Hogwarts, PG
The Muggle Way, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13
Heat, Post-Hogwarts, NC-17
Fred and Hermione 5/5, Hogwarts (for Hermione), NC-17 (Brilliant Minds, BlackoutBrink of Love, Just Right, Getting It Perfect)
One  Night Changes Everything, Post-Hogwarts, NC-17
I've Waited Long Enough, Post-Hogwarts, NC-17 (sequel to One Night Changes Everything)
Keep It to Ourselves, Post-Hogwarts, NC-17
The Favor, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13
The Date, Post-Hogwarts, NC-17 (sequel to The Favor)
FANatic Fudge, Post-Hogwarts, PG

Mandy-jg's Excellent Fred and Hermione Fics:
Hold On, Post-Hogwarts, G (DH Spoilers)
An Unexpected Task, Post-Hogwarts, G (DH Spoilers)
Torn, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13 
That Sort, Hogwarts, G
Celebration and Commisserations, Post-Hogwarts, G
Her Hero, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13
In the Closet, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13
A Hard Job, Post-Hogwarts, R
Just Relax, Hogwarts (maybe), G
To Dream, Hogwarts (for Hermione), NC-17
Help, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13
More to It, Hogwarts, G
Just Enough, Post-Hogwarts, R
Sacrifices, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13
Mine, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13
The Woes of Fred, Post-Hogwarts, PG
The One for Him, Post-Hogwarts, PG
With Him, Hogwarts, PG-13
Worth It, Post-Hogwarts, PG
The Line, Post-Hogwarts, PG (Sequel to Worth It)
Crossing Over, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13 (Sequel to The Line)
Should Have Seen It Coming, Hogwarts, G
A Word or Two, Hogwarts, G
Fair Warning, Hogwarts, PG
Soon, Post-Hogwarts, PG (This fic makes me ache)
Forgive Me Nots, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13
Company, Hogwarts, PG-13
Beautiful To Me, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13
Her Fred, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13
Comfort, Hogwarts, PG-13
Books, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13
Fred Stuffs Up, Post-Hogwarts, PG
Oh My Eyes, Post-Hogwarts, R

Christy January's Fred and Hermione Stories:
When Time Is Done and All Is Still, Post-Hogwarts, PG (DH spoilers)
The New Mrs. Weasley, Hogwarts (for Hermione)/Post-Hogwarts, PG-13 (30 Chapters)

SnarkyWench's Fred/Hermione Fics:
The Antidote, Post-Hogwarts, NC-17
The Nose Knows, Post-Hogwarts, NC-17

MillyWeasley Writes Fred/Hermione Stories Too:
Not Where Expected, Hogwarts (for Hermione), PG-13
For All to See, Post-Hogwarts, NC-17

Flyicarus Has Written Some Great Fred/Hermione Fics:
Discreet Observations, Hogwarts, PG-13
Five Times Fred and Hermione Were Almost More Than Friends, Hogwarts (for Hermione), PG-13 (DH Spoilers)
I Wasn't Prepared, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13

Honor74's Fred/Hermione Fics: 
Rambling, Post-Hogwarts, R
Equity, Post-Hogwarts, R (Sequel to Rambling)

RoseWhispers Wrote Some Fred/Hermione Smut & Angst: 
Rhythm and Vocals, Post-Hogwarts, NC-17
In the Box, Post-Hogwarts, R

More Fred and Hermione Angst by Autruwriter:
Perseverence Pays Off, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13
Perseverence Pays Off (Part B), Post-Hogwarts, PG-13

CrazyGirl Writes Fred/Hermione: 
Just a Harmless Joke, Hogwarts, PG-13 (22 Chapters)

Smutty Fred/Hermione Stories by Silvernatasha:
Mistletoe, Post-Hogwarts, NC-17
Doxy Delight, Post-Hogwarts, NC-17

Pauly-85 Wrote a Fred/Hermione Romance Fic:
First Comes Marriage, Then Love?, Post-Howarts, PG-13 (18 Chapters)

Sneezymouse's Cute and Funny Fred and Hermione Fic:
Deep in the Subconscious of a Prankster, Hogwarts (for Hermione), PG-13 (17 Chapters)

Lady Emily Funny Fred & Hermione Story:
Gifts, Goals, and Social Misfits, Post-Hogwarts, R (16 Chapters)

Gfeather Wrote a Lovely Fred & Hermione Story:
Identity, Post-Hogwarts, R (4 Chapters)

A Fred and Hermione Story by Fat Cat In A Hat:
On My Own, Hogwarts (for Hermione), PG-13 (7 Chapters)

Edjo's Fred/Hermione Fic Told Through the Eyes of Their Family and Friends:
Fred Has It Bad, Hogwarts for Hermione, PG-13 (5 Chapters)

Elanor Sarah Wrote Some Great Fred/Hermione Fics:
The Middle Seasons, Hogwarts, PG
Stolen Frivolity, Hogwarts (for Hermione), PG-13

Great Fred & Hermione Fics by Katethetigeress:
Wrong Face, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13
In the Middle of the Night by the Castle Clock, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13 (Sequel to Wrong Face)
Wicked Truths, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13 (Sequel In the Middle of the Night)
Blowing in the Wind, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13 (Sequel Wicked Truths)
Silence in Black and White, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13 (Sequel Blowing in the Wind)

Some Fred and Hermione Fics by ReTinkerbell:
Drabbles, Hogwarts & Post-Hogwarts, PG & R
Mothers and Fears, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13

A Wonderful Fred & Hermione Story by Aberforths_rug:
Brick by Brick, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13

WeasleysGirl Fred/Hermione Story: 
What If?, Post-Hogwarts, PG

Silveris Wrote A Great Fred & Hermione Fic: 
Scratch, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13

DarthKittius Was Truely Inspired When She Wrote This Fred/Hermione Fic: 
Who's Trouble?, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13

Prepare To Be Blow Away by The Lone Jen and Angelpiphi FW/HG Fic: 
Blind Faith, Post-Hogwarts, NC-17

BackinDecember Shared This Fred and Hermione Story: 
The Right Weasley, Hogwarts/Post-Hogwarts, R

Kendra's Fred/Hermione Fic Just Might Make You Cry: 
Promise, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13

Fred and Hermione Drabble by Inspired Ideas: 
Hand Over The Book, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13

Bambu's Fred and Hermione Smut: 
Choice of Word, Post-Hogwarts, NC-17

AngiePangie25's Fred/Hermione Story: 
Infatuation Potion, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13

Drabble about Fred/Hermione by Herminia: 
Plainly Nothing of the Sort, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13

Phenoix257's Fred/Hermione Fic: 
Wild, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13

Alp_Crim's Cute Fun Fred and Hermione Story: 
Orthodonist, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13

ClaireyDid's Fun Fred/Hermioen Fic:
A Textbook Too Many, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13

Idea of Sarcasm's Witty Fred/Hermione Story: 
The Elephant Is Really a Mouse, Post-Hogwats, NC-17

St. Patrick's Day Madness Surrounding Fred/Hermione by Selene2:
Wearing of the Green, Hogwarts, PG-13

Ficsbygilly Wrote a Cute Fred/Hermione Short Story:
Practical Kissing, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13

Orangeplatypus' Fred & Hermione Smut Story:
Cherry Poppin's, Hogwarts (for Hermione), NC-17

Luciademedici's Fred & Hermione Smut Story:
Up to No Good, Hogwarts (for Hermione), NC-17

Miss_Guided_1986 Wrote This Sad Fred/Hermione Fic:
This Time, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13

Persephone56 Wrote a Great Fred/Hermione Story:
And the Living Ain't Easy, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13

Tidey Wrote a Short but Good Fred/Hermione Fic:
Good Enough, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13

Rain-chan Wrote A Silly Smut Piece about Fred/Hermione:
A Night at the Three Broomsticks, Post-Hogwarts, NC-17

An Angsty Fred & Hermione Drabble by Writing_by_Chi:
To Covet, Hogwarts (for Hermione), PG-13

Delightful Fred and Hermione Fic by Onion_Layers:
Let It Snow, Post-Hogwarts, PG-13

Autumn's Cute Fred and Hermione Drabbles:
Recognition, Hogwarts (for Hermione), PG
Wink, Wink, Hogwarts (for Hermione), PG

A Fred/Hermione Drabble by me:
Nerves, Hogwarts (for Hermione), PG-13

Something a Little Different - LLJ Community -  Clever Mischief:
Multichapter Fic written by Inell and Rose_Whispers, Post-Hogwarts.  There are some great chapters on Fred/Hermione here, but the main plot of the story is a threesome between Hermione/Fred/George.


  • Wow. I'm speechless!

    All I can say now is a big thank you!! And hugs! And everything else that equals to sweetness and love!

    You just made my day. :))
    • Glad you like it. I re-read most of these before posting the links - they are just so good.
  • I think I just fell in love with you :D now how about compiling a Fred/Hermione/George list!
    • I am glad you like! I never kept a list of Fred/Hermione/George fics, cuz it just doesn't do it for me like Fred/Hermione alone. Sorry :)
  • Lovely list. It is going right in my bookmarks ^^ But yes George/Hermione/Fred are so much love to :)

    • Glad you like it. I think I spent an entire month last summer just searching for Fred/Hermione stories.
      • And there has come so much good Hermione/Fred after the last book! There is so much more love for him now than it was...

        Thanks ^^
  • This is fantastic, I've added it to my memories :)
  • You are made of win! :D
    • I hoping being made of win is a good thing. :)
      • Oh yeah, definitely. ^__^

        I've been looking for quality FHr fics ever since I finished DH. They're kinda hard to find. This list just made my day. :)
  • First off, this list wins. I love it when I can memory a list that compiles the best of the best.

    Secondly, I'm squirming in my chair because you recced one Tracy and I did (as the_lone_jen ). What a marvelous surprise, and one I am flattered immensely by.
    • All of these are really good. I had others tagged as Fred/Hermione fics but they didn't make the cut of greats. Of course, the wonderful one you and Angelpiphi did certainly deserved to be here.
  • *gasp*
    I come home to the best birthday present ever.
  • <delurks to comment>

    inell also was the reason I have a soft spot for Fred, though I'm far too shy to tell her so. I'm all sparkly-eyed over new stories to read; thanks for the recommendations! <takes lots of notes and scurries off to memory the lot>

    You might also know of, or like to try, ficsbygilly's "To Make Her Feel My Love", tamlane's "Cupid's Confections" and "The Wet Look", romanticalgirl's "And I'll Stay With Mine", silveris's "Two Left Feet" and "Loose Ends", and millieweasley's "Don't Stop".

    AngelVixen :-)
    • <mumblemumble> <most embarrassed> Don't mind me; you had romanticalgirl on there, and I had a brain-stop moment as I was looking through my Memories.

      AngelVixen :-)
    • I bet inell has done more to turn people to unusual pairings than almost any other fic writer.

      Thanks for the recommendations, I'll check 'em and then get them added to list.
      • When I first started reading fanfiction moons ago, I was open to reading pretty much anything, so long as it was well-written (a nicely-done story can make almost any pairing readable). Then I ran into Inell's stuff a while back, and yeah. Blaise/Hermione? Totally got me into it. Fred/Hermione? Sign me up. Charlie/Hermione? Yes, please, extra dragons on the side. I don't tend to ship, since I like to read such a wide variety, but guh...such good, good crack.

        If you're into the pairings, you might also try catrinella's "Morale Booster" (Hermione/Greg Goyle), exiled_mind's "Distractions" (Hermione/Twins), and thetreacletart's "Waiting, Wondering, and Wasting Time (Trio).

        AngelVixen :-)
    • Hee! There's no need to be shy! -hugs you- That's a lovely compliment!
      • <squee> <shy little wave> I've recc'ed you to many people; your stories often provide a pick-me-up on bad days. <squees again, quietly, so as not to appear too pathetically fangirlish>

        AngelVixen :-)
  • What a wonderful list! I have some new stories to read of my fav Weasley boy! Thank you!
    and I am extremely flattered that you liked my story. *much love*

    I have a story that is a favorite of mine that you might want to take a look at...

    Turnabout by scifichick774
    Rating: PG-13
    Summary: Revenge is sweet.

    • Yes Fred was a great guy - one who left far before his time, IMHO. I loved your story - you just know that a bunch of red-headed Weasley's have to have a bit of Irish in them somewhere.

      Thanks for the rec - I'll check it out and then add it to the list.
  • ohh! and another one I just read and love is by...

    Title: Make Me Laugh
    Author: myherodrowning
    Rating: PG
    Summary: Hermione just wants to feel happy, even if it’s just for a little while. Fred is there to help.

    • I love this story! I just read it too ;) I just thought I should say, more recs the more likely it'll end up on the list :P
  • *squees*

    Jen just told me you rec'd us!!! I think I can speak for both of us when I say that we are truly honored!!!

  • Oh! Lovely list. I'll have to check it and see if I've missed any of these. Fred/Hermione is one of my favorite ships. DH nearly killed me. -sigh-
  • ahhh wow this is amazing!
    i just started to read fred/hermoine fics so this definitely helps a lot :)
  • This is a great list!
  • Holy crap. I'm so glad someone did this. This is why I love Fred more than George, too.

    How could JKR kill him off?
  • Is there an alternative place to read the MillyWeasley's fics? The journal is locked.

    Thank you for this. LOTS of great finds.
  • OH MY GOD. This list now = my life. THANK YOU!!!!
    • Heh... I swear I spent like 2 months just reading EVERYTHING Fred/Hermione I could find. I was a complete addict. Luckily, I save links to most of it and when JKR killed Fred - I decided it was time to post them all. There has been some more good stuff that has come out since this list was posted. I'm trying to keep track of it and will update this list eventually.
  • I love this list, only the best stories here.
    • Seriously all these stories are great. I've read some god-awful Fred/Hermione stuff at fanfiction.net. I'm trying to keep track of the new Fred/Hermione stories that have come out lately so that at some point I can update this list.
      • Well, now I finished reading everything I could on this list, and apparently you spoiled me, because everything else I found on the net, does not live up to these standards. Petty...
        There are still a few I have to read on this list, though, but I am still figuring out LJ, so I get access to some of the stories that are only for limited people accessible.
  • You have eased the pain of losing Fred so much. My eternal gratitude. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to re-read everything on the list again.
    • I've been keeping a list of the good Fred/Hermione stuff that has been written since his death too. So at some point I'll update this list.
  • thank you so much for this! I was so freaking depressed when Fred died but now I'm a little better :)
  • Old story, half forgotten

    Hi. I'm not even sure you still check this journal, but I figure it can't hurt to ask. I'm looking for a half remembered atoru that I read pre-Hallows. It was set post war. Hermione worked in a book store in diagonalley; Ron and George were killed in the war. Harry was in St. Mungos. Hermione's mind had been hurt during the war and she convalesced in the muggle world. She and Fred ended up finding friendship and comfort with each other. As I recall, it was a one shot.

    Does this ring any bells?

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